The Fashion Donkeys

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Geliştirici: Sanjiang Zhao
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★★★★★The Fashion Donkeys★★★★★
Pay attention ,please!
The fashion donkeys is coming!
See how much fun they ll bring to us!
Its really a beautiful day!The donkeys family decide to have a trip and have a good time .But unfortunately,suddenly a strange strong wind blows all the things they take on the road ,They have to get them back.
During this process ,You have to balance the three donkeys time ,and you should know that the family members response for different things depending on different preferences.Just like the little donkey loves sweets ,and the donkey mother likes hats ,as well the donkey father likes wine.The clock will help you to get more time ,so you can catch more clocks to extend your time in order to collect the donkey family things,and the most important is ,watch out the snails,because they will accelerate the consumption of your time.
Its really a fun,simple iphone game,Im sure it will bring you a lot of happiness.
Can you help the donkey family to get their things?
Have a try ! And enter a challenge world!

★★★★★Features ★★★★★
-Easy to play ,with simple touch control ,but hard to get high score
-lovely cartoon image, make you feel happy
-New gameplay,and challenge your skills
-Beautiful background
-Decreasing time challenge your your reaction
-Unique music design
-Great for all ages
-High quality graphics

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